Marketing techniques play a vital role in business developments. The marketing trends changes then and there based on the technological advancements of the respective business periods. The emergence of digital marketing has led to the reinvention of marketing strategies; the business people like’s to incorporate digital technological revolutions in their business to stand ahead in the competition. Digital marketing is essential to manage the online presence of a company with mobile apps, official websites and social media sites.  Digital marketing is in trend for past few years with features like SEO techniques, online reviews, email marketing and social media pages etc. In future, the basic digital marketing techniques will be upgraded with artificial intelligence by the digital marketing companies. Following are some digital marketing trends expected in 2019 in India

#1. Content Marketing

Content marketing, a way to influence a consumer with good quality, reliable and relevant contents. Online consumers try to buy a product with reviews from other customers. Hence the digital marketing companies in India allow the customers to post their views and videos of the products they got from them which both helps to brand the product and its quality. In future Images and video streaming in the content writing blogs play a major role in marketing.

#2. Voice Technology

The devices and systems that exhibit voice technology capabilities are gaining popularity worldwide. Customers enjoy the benefits of the respective searches with voice commands which help them to get into the product faster. In country like India where many regional languages prevail, the digital marketing companies of India, with the help of artificial intelligence tries to provide a voice assistance in the respective regional languages which helps the product to reach the common man.

#3. Social Media Advertising

As the usage of social media with smartphones increases day by day, marketing through them is an easy approach for digital marketing companies. This is an important future trend where companies can get many new customers.

#4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing though old style, an influential person with large social media followers can have an interesting impact on product sales. The influencers are paid by the companies to promote their products in social media. With the influencers fame, the product reaches the public more easily.

#5. Chatbots

Chatbots are used both in business to business interactions and business to customer interaction. The companies prefer an interactive customer oriented chatbots, as their services are offered 24*7. These chatbots collect data related to consumer queries and chats which later is used to analyze marketing strategies.

#6. Video Marketing

Video marketing of the product is an efficient way to attract consumers who losses interest in big blogs and contents. A short attractive video with product benefits and reviews help to have a clarified view of the product.

#7. Virtual reality and Augmented reality

With advancements in artificial intelligence the virtual reality and augmented reality tour of the product influence the customers with the feel of the product and give them unique experiences. In future, this promotes the growth of sale instantly.

#8. Personalization

Personalization is important as large number of e-commerce sites sprout daily. With the help of AI and machine learning algorithms, large number of data is analyzed to personalize the targeted customer. To retain the customer in the huge populated country like India, the digital marketing companies give special offers, personal email notifications and messages periodically to register the brand name.

#9. Mobile Marketing

The web pages and blogs created should be mobile friendly and fast loading to attract the customers as the usage of mobile phone users grow steadily.

#10. Micro Moments

This is the future technological trend, influences the moment search customer. When the marketing is related along with the moment search it captures the attention of the customers.

The above are some of the future trends to rule the marketing world.



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